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Hear Posie, in her own words, talk about herself, her views and her neo-nazi following. Everything here is content made public by Posie and her pals. Is she a fascist? You decide! Either way, she's not very vibes.

Part 1: Certainly not a nazi

Video of a woman quoting Mein Kampf
Attendees of her demo in Hyde Park
Attendees of her demo in Melbourne
Nazis being welcomed in Melbourne
Photo of her with nazi barbie profile pic in this tweet Screen shot of a Tweet by Alejandra Caraballo (@Esqueer_), with photos of Posie Parkers profile picture of a Barbie in a Nazi uniform. Text reads 'You know Posie Parker used a barbie doll with a nazi arm patch for a profile picture on spinster, right? She's a white supremacist. Pieing is also a form of political protest that was historically used by LGBTQ activists against Anita Bryant in 1977.'
The nazi....tucker carlson....lovely man :)
Visiting Heritage Foundation
Sponsored by CPAC, who called for eradication of trans people but also cmon they're also mega racist and sexist if that's not enough for you
Fascist is a new word for legend
Making the white power symbol on stream Screenshot of Posie Parker making the white power hand symbol on stream.
Literally handing the mic to fascists
Info on racist, anti-abortion, anti-gay group Heritage Foundation
Has a selfie with this guy Screenshot of a Tweet by HansLysglimtJohansen (@LYSGLIMT) in Norwegian. The automatic translation reads: 'The entire Holocaust narrative is a constructed narrative for control of the west, control over fun. We see that now. The Holocause is not a correct description of any historical event but a carefully constructed control mechanism through a guilt narrative.'
Pinknews article about interview with nazi
Dazed article on Patriotic Alternative

Subcategory: homophobia

Anti-lesbian parents
Gaystapo sign

Part 2: Not very women's autonomy of you

Campaigning against birth control for U16's with anti-abortionists
Calling for men to be in women's bathrooms
I'm not a feminist!
Losing autonomy isn't important
Support christian parents
Against reproductive choice

Part 3: Come see the violence inherent in the system

Laughing and shushing at threats of violence
Counter-protestor grabbed by the throat in Melbourne
Posie follower Aleks Kovacevic peeled off counter-protestors throat in Manchester

Part 4: other assorted funtimes

"Against park laws"
They're just jealous of my grift